Dancing, Acting, Movement, Body and Spatial Awareness, Public Speaking such as Poetry, Oration, and Prose - POP, Modeling and Diverse Wardrobe Options, Singing, Stage Performance, Mic Technique, Audience Interaction, Yearly Showcases and much more!

Dance and movement can play a pivotal role in early childhood development. Movement also has a positive impact on coordination. The Tiny Talent program teaches skills that encourage the refinement of fine and gross motor skills. Awareness is emphasised, and this helps a child strengthen his or her sense of self and relationship to the surrounding world. We offer carefully developed and age-specific exercises to support the growth of our program participants.  Our aim is to start your child on the right track towards reaching his or her full potential!

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Through well-structured sessions and specialised coaching, Tiny Talent teaches children to focus on specific skills. Communication between peers is accelerated as students are actively involved in group activities. Creative expression is a great way to build self-confidence.  Our process allows a child's imagination to thrive and supports the journey towards a well-developed sense of self. They may discover that they are natural problem solvers or leaders. The arts are a great outlet for children to be able to explore a wide range of emotions and develop their self-worth.  


Each skill is explained and shown by the coach, and then practiced by the children. Participants have the opportunity to celebrate the richness and depth of human expression.  These experiences also provide a  chance for children to display cultural leadership qualities. The arts can act as a medium through which a variety of emotions can be expressed, learned, rehearsed, and practiced. These experiences can define a child's growing sense of both independence and connection to others within their families and communities.


Our programme develops self-esteem, coordination, and a wide range of performing arts skills.  Participants learn to approach situations in an array of different manners that can help develop creative thinking and new study techniques. Tiny Talent's unique approach is  intended to positively impact many more important aspects of children's lives.  Our leadership team, coaches and coordinators are committed to continuously improving our program and techniques.

“I believe we should encourage children to sing and play instruments from an early age”

— Sir Mick Jagger


Tiny Talent is being introduced to a wide range of pre-schools, schools and studios throughout Johannesburg,

the Gauteng region and beyond.